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Ace UX Interview, Showcase UX Portfolio, and Advance UX Career!


User Experience Design is most growing demand skills now, most companies are looking for the right talent to help them succeed. Are You The One?

Differentiate yourself from other designers in the market, be the chosen one.

Continuously advance in your career, grow to the next level and build awesome UX Career.

Design your own destiny, make a lot of impacts in this world doing what you love.


Why most can't find the right job...

Have you heard of this story:

You want to get a job, but find it so difficult because of lack skills / experiences / credentials. Thinking by enrolling in bootcamp/course that cost thousand dollars might be the answer, only to find out that the course is full of theories that are not relevant in job market...
After you graduated, all your friends/teammates have more or less the same quality of portfolio without in-depth results...
So difficult to stand out or getting your first step in the door, getting hopeless and blame the schools, economy, government, etc.
Feeling that your "Investment" is wasting a lot of time, money, and energy.
This is the common frustration of traditional education. Most of the teacher in your bootcamp are not real-world practitioner, only learning by the books. (I understand your frustrations, I have done a lot of job interview and see many types of UX portfolio - more or less the same quality)

Why Become UX Designer?

Product with The Right User Experience Design deliver better results, outperformed the industry average. Demand for User Experience Designer has increased tremendously in the past few years.

User Experience focuses on improving the usability and functionality of the product, meanwhile multiply the result in all other areas of the business. In this course, we will learn together how to do design and innovation like an awesome UX Designer, with the right actionable plan and mindset! Think Innovation, Take Risks, and Embrace Opportunities.


What You Will LEARN:

1. Ace UX Interview

From beginner, junior, senior, until become lead UX Designer - how to ask and answer questions successfully.

2. Showcase UX Portfolio

Impress your potential employers by showing your UX Skills - using the power of storytelling to demonstrate your UX mastery.

3. Advance UX Career

Do you feel stuck in your career? Never going anywhere... Learn how to advance and get promoted to the next level.

ALL-IN-ONE UX Mastery to Become Awesome User Experience Designer!

  1. Skills, Clarity and Mindset to become UX Designer
  2. Understand your “Why” to become a UX Designer
  3. Design your UX Career Roadmap: Beginner - Junior - Senior
  4. What skills you need to become a UX Designer
  5. The alignment between UX and UI designer
  6. Mindset and attitude to get dream job and clients
  7. Three BIGGEST Idea to Build Your UX Design Career
  8. Ace UX Design Interview - Questions & Answers
  9. Who are you and what is your design process?
  10. How do you do user research, design, prototype, etc.?
  11. How do you measure your UX Design Results
  12. Most common interview UX questions for all levels
  13. How to Q&A Interviews for Junior - MidWeight Designer
  14. How to Q&A Interviews for Senior Experience Designer
  15. How to Q&A Interviews for Lead - Principal Designer (Corporation)
  16. How to Q&A Interviews for Lead - Principal Designer (Startups)
  17. Build UX Design Portfolio - Case Study
  18. The 5 Key steps to create a customised portfolio
  19. How to build case studies with detailed design process
  20. How to present the portfolio for the highest results
  21. How to create UX Design recommendations
  22. Understand what details matter with storytelling
  23. Understanding What User Needs, Business Goals, and Technology
  24. Climb the UX Design Ladders - Get Noticed & Promoted!
  25. How to make you stand out in the industry
  26. How to build amazing reputations for long-term
  27. How to continuously learn and improving your UX Design Skills
  28. How to get promoted and advance your career
  29. How much UX Design certification cost (Singapore)
  30. How to get results efficiently

and so much more...

  • The Five Principles of the User Experience. In order to turn more leads into customers, you have to understand the path taken by visitors to your platform. We’ll break down each of the 5 principles of this UX strategies, and show you 1 way you can connect each of them.
  • Communication Skills - How to communicate effectively with Cross-Functional Team.
  • The Art of Innovation - How to think differently, take calculated risks, and embrace opportunities.
  • What is User Experience Design Your #1 business asset in digital era is your customers. Convert more visitors into leads and you instantly boost your business. We’ll explain what is design sprints and how you can use it to grow your business to the next level.
  • How to Ask The Right Questions. Getting them to aware of your product is just the beginning. Three main questions to help you validate your ideas. Asking the right question during your job interview, communicate with clients and finding out user needs.
  • The Right Thinking Process. Understanding User, Currency, Product & Market Fit. How to influence people In your business.
  • Measure Product/Market Fit. It will significantly impact how you operate your business. Product/market fit means creating a product that can satisfy that market.
  • Make Smarter Design Decisions. Not just any decision, you need to be able to make smarter decision to differentiate yourself from the rest. Simplifying the complex problems that are too complicated or unknown.
  • Grow Your Business to The Next Level, A/B Testing and Get Results! Creating user-friendly interface with responsive and adaptive content to help your customers.
  • How to Choose The Right Careers and Build Your Life Plan - You will learn how to generate the highest results by solving complex problems in the emerging market
  • Mastery Journey and Effectuation in Taking Risk - How to build Long-term Vision and Mission to enhance your success to the next level in the entrepreneurship journey for building creative ideas!
  • Keep Yourself On Top of The Game to Boost Your Results! Whether you are growing your own business or working in a company, you will learn how to continuously learning and practicing the right UX Strategy thinking mindset.

Continuously Updated :)

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Who is Your UX Design Career Mentor?

Deby Joevita

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Voracious reader. Avid learner. Deby will teach you how to build a Successful UX Design Career. With over 10 years of UX Design Experience in many industries - from eCommerce, Financial Technology, Digital Marketplace, Design Agencies, and many more, she has build amazing portfolios, won many design awards and travel around the world. She will guide you to become Awesome UX Designer!

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"Deby's mentorship is the best investment I've ever made - it is clear, and multiple clients book me in advance with the higher offer! Through Deby's guidance, I've increased my engagement by 120% in 3 months! My Clients are higher management and top business leaders. Thank You!"

Joseph Chang - Experience Design Strategist, Singapore

"Deby's Creative Insight is truly exceptional. The best value investment I've learned in my creative career. I went to a lot of courses. Despite have a lot of certificates, I learned very little how to find the suitable job, aligned with my passion. This knowledge should be the primary component of design education! Thank You So Much!"

Janice Chan - UI/UX Designer, Malaysia

"You break down the complex term into an easily digestible content with pleasant personality. The students are going to get the investment back with their time and energy! I went to some UX design interviews and answered based on these lessons, and now companies are looking forward to work with me as soon as possible."

Damai Aditya - Design Entrepreneur, Indonesia

And So Many More...

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